Zillow Group

Proposed blockchain for financial transactions and real-estate database.

Role: Financial Advisory Consultant

Tools: Blockchain, SQL


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The purpose of my consulting project was to research the potential applications of blockchain technology for Zillow Group to enhance both user experience and increase internal efficiency. Our final report to the executive C-Suite targeted three different points:

  • Define what blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is.
  • Build case studies for how blockchain technology is used in various industries, including real estate.
  • Recommend whether Zillow Group would benefit, or not, from adopting this technology.

While I cannot go into specifics, these were the topics I focused my final report and deliverable deck on. Since the executive team did not know much about blockchain, the midterm deliverable focused on providing background and research heavy-focused information, whereas the second half was my team’s recommendation on Zillow Group’s resources were best spent.

View of the Zillow search page.

I built five different case studies that used blockchain in social media, finance, cybersecurity, consumer retail, and real estate — focusing on multiple listing services, smart contracts, and smart identities. Each of these case studies utilized a different component of a blockchain’s unique architecture for a secure and transparent platform, while also discussing some of the downfalls implementing blockchain would have.

The final product was a 30-page detailed feasibility report and digestible presentation with clear self-created diagrams/graphics containing background specs and statistics showcasing some of the qualitative data on how beneficial and hurtful blockchain would be.

Due to non-disclosure agreements, I'm unable to share any more details about my work. Please contact me if you'd like to learn more about my process and I’d be more than happy to talk!


Overall, the project gave me chance to work with a new, popular technology blockchain and understand its current implementations in a variety of industries. Thus, I was able to determine a solid recommendation for what I believed would be the most effective solution for Zillow Group to improve its financial transactions and user experience.

P.S. Here’s a fun video of us consultants satirizing our project leads (all in good fun). They also had a good laugh :')