UC Berkeley Division of Data Science

Develop weekly Jupyter notebook modules for students, teaching Python and data visualization.

Role: Module Developer

Tools: Python, Folium, NLP, Numpy, Scipy, Jupyter notebook, other Python data visualization packages.


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This past semester I worked as a module developer for Legal Studies 190: Data, Prediction, and Law, creating labs, problem sets, and data projects using Python and Python packages with Jupyter notebook. Packages I helped teach were Folium (heat-mapping), Numpy and Scipy, and NLP (text analysis) with neural nets.

The class consisted of 25 students who were interested in exploring different data sources that scholars and government official use to make generalizations and predictions in the realm of law. The course also introduced critiques of predictive techniques in law — where I helped teach basic programming skills from the Foundations of Data Science class, examining “big data” for law and legal text data.

You can view some of the work I did here, here, and here!