ASUC Senator Aaron Bryce Lee

Manage a student government senator’s public platform focused on funding and transparency.

Role: Director of Communications

Tools: CSS, Javascript, Invision, Illustrator, Mailchimp


Image of Senator Aaron Bryce Lee


This past semester I joined the Senator’s team as a Director of Communications, leading the publicity and transparency team between the student government at UC Berkeley, ASUC, and the students at Cal. Senator Aaron Bryce Lee’s platform is based on improving the university’s finances, involvement with South Asian culture groups on campus, and increasing the discussion around technology organizations.

Three of my goals for his office are:

  1. Sending out a Weekly Wins newsletter to organizations.
  2. Creating a strong communication channel between organizations and fundraising/feedback.
  3. Establishing a website “Comments” tab with the Chief Technology Officer for clubs focused on fundraising and feedback.

As I’m currently working in his office, I won’t be able to share everything so please reach out to me if you’d like to learn more about my work!