Hey there!

I’m Gibson, an aspiring product manager at UC Berkeley studying cognitive science and economics, with a minor in data science. During my time as a reporter and a consultant, I realized that the work I enjoy the most is learning about solutions to various problems. Now, instead of recounting how technology has solved issues, I want to craft the solutions myself.

With a background in computer science and design, I believe that every decision should be deliberate and data-driven. Whether executing larger-scale projects of over a thousand attendants, to personal sprint projects over a couple days, I’m comfortable with both planning bigger picture ideas and fine tuning their small details.

When I’m not organizing my hat collection or losing to my friends in Smash, I’m out on the town shooting photos, planning backpacking trips across the country, or spending an evening playing poker and board games with my “eleven” house-mates in our three bedroom apartment.

Lands End, SF. October 2017.

For more on me, check out my resume or Github. Also feel free to reach out to me anytime at my email, through Twitter, or on LinkedIn. I’m always down to grab a cup of coffee ☕.